My GSD’s ears are not standing up!

What should I do? Well, NOTHING!! 


Those German Shepherd and their ears! 

I myself asked and googled the same exact question! 

I got Laika when she was 9 weeks old! A little GSd with floppy ears! Couldn’t be any cuter!

Weeks started to go by and those ears started to stand, definitely not perfectly but they were making an effort to get there. 

Then suddenly, when she got to the ago of 4 months, the big ears decided they enjoyed being floppy. I won’t lie, I kind of panicked! I started looking for answers everywhere, posting on GSD facebook groups and all that kind of stuff! 

The answer was pretty easy! she is teething!!

When puppies go through the teething process, they need a lot of calcium to produce those new teeth! And as you might know, ear cartilage need calcium too to keep those ears pretty up and steady!

As a result, the body will privilege the teeth over the ears and will provide all the resources to them!

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